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Melanie, L from Huntersville NC

My 11 year old boys had the opportunity to do the Space Camp virtually last month. It was a great experience for them. They enjoyed learning some French words and phrases. The crafts were super fun for them too. The teacher was great and kept them engaged the entire time. Would definitely recommend to others!!!! Thanks for a great virtual camp!!!!

Faith, L from Charlotte NC

Both of my daughters have participated in camps to help support their French during their summer break. They attend a language immersion program during the school year and unfortunately no one in our household speaks French. We were really impressed with how the girls had opportunities to read, write and converse with other French speakers. I'm so glad that we have a resource like this right here in Charlotte, NC.

Libba, H from Charlotte NC

Monica is a great tutor and puts forth tremendous effort toward each student's success. Our family is very grateful for the accomplishments she has helped our daughter achieve... she just took French 3 this summer via NCVPHS, and finished with a 93!


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Have fun while you learn!

Playful interaction and entertainment are essential parts of the learning process. And doing crafts alongside is almost a universal language in itself to make it happen! Our age-appropriate teaching programs, centered around unique and memorable crafts, help our little students' great sense of curiosity be their best ally in learning a foreign language: entertaining, efficient and fun!

Grow and Develop

As your child grows, so does the way they learn. Our curriculums evolve to include more dialogue and interaction, allowing our students to feel at ease and grow their confidence as they strengthen their skills and keep on expanding their knowledge.

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The Club & Camps

A child learns best a foreign language thru fun and engaging activities without even knowing it. This is why we love to support learning year round, when school is in session,  and even during out-of-school periods to adapt to everyone’s needs and schedule. We offer language clubs within the school of your child and fun crafty camps during the breaks! Learn more about what we offer!

Year Round!

Every child learns at his or her own pace, even when attending an immersion program.  Our native tutors can help when needed, to catch up, to reinforce or to further develop further language acquisition. This is why we offer one-off tutoring options available in the own school of your child  in small groups. This s a great way to support his / her learning and build even further his / her confidence. We adapt to your needs. Ask us how we can help your child!

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