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We offer a wide range of high quality programs for young learners and 8 foreign languages to choose from. We offer classes online and on-site. Find our more below by clicking on the language of your choice.


Germany is the fourth largest national economy worldwide and the largest in the European Union.


Many of the Western world's most important works of philosophy, literature, music, art history, theology, psychology, chemistry, physics, engineering and medicine are written in German and continue to be produced in German.



French is the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and diplomacy.


France is the world’s top tourist destination and attracts more than 87 million visitors a year.


The ability to speak even a little French makes it so much more enjoyable.



Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages worldwide.


It is an official or national language in over 20 countries and the number of native Spanish speakers worldwide is a whopping 475 million! And Mexico is our neighbor!



Learning Chinese opens up a unique window into one of the world’s richest and most ancient civilizations.


As soon as you begin studying the Chinese language, you begin learning about Chinese history, cultural values, philosophical and religious beliefs, and aesthetic traditions.


Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world, with nearly 420 million people speaking it worldwide.


By learning Arabic, you will distinguish yourself as a student who is willing to break the mold and try something different from the norm.

Arabic uses a completely new alphabet. So be ready for a challenging but rewarding endeavor!



Think beyond pasta and pizza. Italian is probably the language most linked to the world of art and culture.


You can find Italian influence in all major areas of life and culture from painting arts to architecture, from literature to music, from design to food and wine.



As soon as you learn a bit of Russian, a whole range of other languages is suddenly accessible to you.


Russian is a member of the Indo-European language family, and specifically the Slavic family.


Even with just a beginner’s grasp of Russian, you can quickly understand the other Slavic languages.



This language is simply gorgeous.


Is there a better reason to learn a language than for pure pleasure?

The Portuguese language, especially as it’s spoken in Brazil, simply sounds like music and is a joy to listen to.


Persian is an important language of the Middle East and Central Asia. It is known as Farsi in Iran, Dari in Afghanistan and Tajik in Tajikistan. It has about 62 million native speakers, ranking it among the world’s 20 most widely spoken first languages. Persian is easier to learn than other Middle Eastern languages due to its simple grammar without many exceptions or rules and it has not changed significantly in over a millennium.


English is only the world’s third most-spoken language by native speakers.


However, 1.5 billion people speak it when you count all the people who speak English as a second, third or fourth language. English is definitely the most-spoken language around the world!

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