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BREAKING NEWS: Horse Education expands its offering of languages

Horse Education Group is happy to announce today English as a 2nd language as the latest addition to our portfolio, making the 10th one on our list!

1.5 billion people speak it when you count all the people who speak English as a second, third or fourth language. English is definitely the most-spoken language around the world, and the official one here in the US.

With so many new transplants here from all over the world moving every month in the Carolinas, mastering English will open up a whole new world ofpossibilities, allowing you to travel easily and make new friends. It will alsoprovide you access to knowledge, new career prospects and even better job opportunities. So let help you master the language of Shakespeare without native educators!

With 10 languages to offer on its list today, Horse Education is positioning itself as a unique resource to the community in learning foreign languages with its varied network of native educators!

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